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Kitchen Commons – A City Wide Community Kitchen

November 1, 2012 in Events, Featured Organizations by Lars

Back in the Spring of 2012 I had the opportunity to do some volunteering as part of a service learning project for a Sociology course. While in the process of searching for non-profits, I had a dream that left the words “community kitchen” in my mind. The next day I searched for community kitchens in Portland and found an amazing organization in the midst of forming, Kitchen Commons. To add to the synchronicity of it all, I realized that I had worked with one of the founding organizers, Jocelyn Furbush, on an unrelated project several years prior. I called her up and began to find out what resource sharing was really about.

Kitchen Commons’ mission is to match kitchen resources with community need, making it affordable and practical to cook healthy food, putting the dream of a food business in reach of low-income entrepreneurs, and advocating for food justice. One of the biggest ways they are doing this is by creating a network of kitchens throughout the city for use by everyday citizens. Whether it’s making a commercial kitchen available for micro-enterprise, or finding a space to host a community cooking group, Kitchen Commons helps support these efforts through a variety of projects. For more information on these projects and how you can get involved, visit their website at

Most importantly they hold plenty of potlucks and community cooking events. November 17th they will be hosting a Harvest Dinner fundraiser to support their cause. To stay up to date with their other activities and events, make sure to join their Facebook and Collaborate PDX  Group page.

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by Lars

Resource Sharing Workshop

October 6, 2012 in Events by Lars

On Saturday October 20th, from noon – 2pm, SE Uplift will be hosting a community resource sharing workshop as part of their Quarterly Sustainability Workshop Series. SE Uplift is an independent non-profit organization that contracts with Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement to facilitate citizen participation services and related activities for the neighborhood associations and citizens within SE Portland.

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South Tabor Resource Sharing

May 16, 2012 in Neighborhood by Lars

The South Tabor resource sharing project is your opportunity to connect and share resources with your neighbors. Do you need to find someone to take all those extra apples or zucchini off your hands? Maybe you need to borrow some lawn tools for the day. It’s all about sharing what you have with others and building a more self-reliant community.

There are several ways to get involved. A good first start is to register an account on Collaborate PDX. Then, request to join the South Tabor Resource Sharing group. This is a private group for those living in the South Tabor neighborhood. Here you can make requests for items you need or are giving away.

Ideas for sharing so far:

  • Extra food from your vegetable garden
  • Fruit from your trees
  • Spare tools from your garage
  • Urban homesteading knowledge
  • Unused household appliances
  • Knowledge about a trade/profession you are involved in
  • Wireless internet with a close neighbor
  • A seldom used pickup truck
  • Extra space in your trash or yard waste bin
  • Extra storage space in your home
  • Your time

If you would like to contribute to the project and join the committee, then join us at our monthly meeting held on the first Wednesday or Thursday of each month in the evening. The time and location of each meeting will be posted by the proceeding Thursday on the South Tabor Resource Sharing group page, visible after requesting to join the group.

Once you register on the site, you may create additional groups for sharing resources in other communities that you are involved in.

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What’s Collaborate PDX all about?

April 18, 2012 in About by Lars

Collaborate PDX is a community based organization dedicated to creating ethical opportunities for groups and individuals to connect and share resources. We all have something we need and we each have something to give. By working together we can provide for one another in a direct and personal way. It’s that simple.

No advertising, no fees, no secret plans to sell out after we hit x number of users. Just people helping people to strengthen our neighborhoods, our communities, and this amazing place we get to call home.

Find out what Collaborate PDX can do for you and what you can do for Collaborate PDX.

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What can Collaborate PDX do for you?

April 18, 2012 in About by Lars

Find free and low-cost resources in your community.
Browse public groups or join a private resource sharing group to find items such as spare tools, wireless hubs, time banking opportunities and much more.

Organize your existing community group and recruit new members.
Using forums, editable documents, and the news feed within groups can be a great way to organize communications between members of your organization.  Download the groups tutorial to learn more about setting up a group and it’s features.

Connect to an established group or start your own.
Using the search tool, you can find groups that share your interests and help in their efforts. Setting up your own group is easy too. Visit the groups page and follow the step by step process.

Learn about and promote community events.
There are amazing collaborations happening throughout our city everyday. Make a discovery or post your own event in one of the 8 core groups: Food, Health, Education, Recreation, Shelter, Services, Stewardship, Art. We will also feature groups and events under the blog on the home page.

Let other people know about what you have to share.
Do you have something unique to share that no one else does? Most of us do. List what you have to share under your profile or in any of the groups.

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What can you do for Collaborate PDX?

April 17, 2012 in About by Lars

By simply using it, you help it grow.
The more resources that are listed on the site, the more that will be available for others to use. Additionally, a greater number of people looking for resources will make it easier for those wanting to give something away to do so.

Spread the word.
Let others know that they can use this free tool to help expand and strengthen our communities. If you would like to go one step further, please download the media kit which includes cards and flyers to distribute around town.

Become a contributing writer.
Share with us what you know by becoming a contributing writer and posting positive stories about people working together. The first step is to make a request to join the contributing writers group.

Become an organizer.
We want your input on how Collaborate PDX can be better organized. The first step is to make a request to join the organizing committee.